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Blind chat by location

VibeChat is help-desk app for text and voice chat with helpful people at businesses, universities, and organizations, as well as in cities, countries, and your neighborhood.

When is the last time you chatted with someone interesting in Sweden, Lebanon, India, Qatar, or the Ukraine? Now you easily can with VibeChat:

Send a message to a country, you’ll hear back from someone there, and the two of you can text chat privately without a username or profile (there’s no registration or login in VibeChat).

If you both agree, you can also have a voice call within your current chat session.

You can block a user in a chat at any time, and you’ll never be connected to them again.

If your interest is more local (e.g. chatting with other students on campus), send a message to “1” for Nearby, and you’ll be connected to another VibeChat user within 1,500 feet.

To chat with someone in the US: send a message to 001

To chat with someone in Sweden: send a message to 0046

To chat with someone in Lebanon: send a message to 00961

To chat with someone in New York: send a message to 001212

For tech support and any questions about VibeChat: send a message to 0. We love to hear from you!

Check the app for a full list of countries and cities with active users you can chat with.

Tell your friends: VibeChat is building a local and global community of interesting people available to chat about where they are.

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